Espérance ACTI – Aid to Indochina
Esperance ACTI - Aid to Indochina - is a humanitarian organization, established in 2000 with the aim of providing the people of Indochina, a region of South-East Asia that includes Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, with humanitarian and development aid. Esperance ACTI focuses its attention on poor villages, which invariably lack electricity and are mostly reachable only by rudimentary boat transport. Esperance ACTI is independent of any political or religious affiliations and operates through the support of the broad public. It pools together the efforts of various local institutions and organizations to provide the people of the region with funds for the construction of schools and kindergartens, water wells and bridges, robust homes for the elderly and clinics, not to mention the many cataract surgeries and other necessary chirurgical operations, so far made possible thanks to the aid collected in Ticino.

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Watoto Wa Baraka orphanage (Children of Blessing)
Watoto Wa Baraka is a non-profit organization providing support to HIV/AIDS orphans and poor rural communities in Kenya. WWB’s core role is to manage an orphanage that houses neediest orphans in the society, supporting their education by providing a smooth conducive environment at home and school, providing them with food, school uniforms, clothing and medical care. The mission is to give real and lasting hope to as many orphans as possible and to work with small communities to provide the support and education necessary to overcome the burden of poverty. To support this organization a few members of the Valeur Team organized the ‘Ride for Kenya’ (100 km a day bike ride for 5 consecutive days in Puglia, Italy). The funds raised will help building a new school which will offer education not only to the kids of the orphanage but also to all the ones in the community..

Il Chiaro del Bosco
Il Chiaro del Bosco is an organization representing people of different age and background, who meet regularly to listen, discuss, better understand and promote the issue of mental health. The organization relies on the contributions of specialists. It presents itself as a place to raise awareness to the participants and public opinion on mental health. In this respect, it organizes events and initiatives that promote the formation of a new way of thinking about of mental health, focusing on the person in order to avoid all forms of prejudice, often causing isolation and marginalization.

Amare Onluns
Amare Onlus is a non-profit association formed in 2006 by a group of parents united by the experience of international adoption, mainly of Ethiopians children. In Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, love means “Grow more and more beautiful", a wish that, for the families of the Association, becomes commitment for boys and girls living in poor countries of the Global South.
The Association pursues international cooperation as a key objective, promoting socio-economic development in countries of the Global South. It’s based on vocational training and income-generating productive activities. In addition, the Association promotes a culture of acceptance, social integration and solidarity with educational and training aimed at children, youth and adults..

Carta a mano nelle Ande
This projects targets teenagers and children living in the suburbs of Chimbote (city with about 700.000 inhabitants in the north of Peru). These children face a difficult childhood, as they are forced at very early age to find ways to earn money for themselves and for their families. The result of the project is a paper craft (like those existing already in Madagascar, Philippines, Thailand), where they can work and receive a fair remuneration.

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Children in the Wilderness
Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organization financed from the ecotourism society, Wilderness Safaris, aiming to promote a sustainable preservation through leadership and education of children in rural Africa.
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Autisminsieme Fund
AUITISMInsieme is a fund that helps minors with autism spectrum disorder in the province of Brescia. In addition to directly supporting specialized centers and similar initiatives, among their objectives they promote awareness of qualitative knowledge on the topic.
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